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Early Efforts

Earlier attempts at storytelling in video form (not exactly Joe Frank or Spalding Grey)

NOTE: You are viewing excerpt-ish videos based on the far-from-final draft of the book

Excerpt by: Duncan Stroud - Aug 24, 2015

These are not exactly 'excerpts', but as they directly refer to the book, they are excerpt-ish.

These were two attempt to create a storytelling version of my bio ... but after 12 hours of material I abandoned the project. There is something about writing that makes it so much more profound and creative. The result of the storytelling fell short of the Joe Frank/Spalding Grey bar I had set for myself.

This was the first 'episode' of what was planned to be many. This video is blocked in some countries (Germany?) because of the copyrighted music, which were chosen by what song was #1 in the year I am referring to... to set the 'mood'.

This was chapter 2. I had to abandon the effort to make a 'video' as it was just too time consuming... and I got lazy.

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Early Efforts

Aug 24, 2015


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This was the intro video for the (now closed) crowd funding project.

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