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Kim Kooren, Director, CF lifestyle

"a mind-boggling but heart-felt reality"

Review by: Kim Kooren - Jul 07, 2015

I would definitely back Duncan’s initiative.

All through life, he’s kept his chin up high and advocated the bright side of “life”. He has always contributed a strong voice and place in our society. Never gave up, but also keeping things in perspective, whilst moving his dreadful life to better grounds for his kids and close friends.

I got to know Duncan right before he decided to swap the bright-light city, New York, for low-key Buenos Aires, Argentina. Duncan, always social and bubbly even with a bounty hanging above his head, never stopped to fight for his rights and his kids, and a peaceful legal existence.

I support him with all my heart, and hope one day the System will meet him halfway where he can be himself, embracing freedom to live within the ‘closed borders’ of his beloved South-American peninsula and ultimately become a welcoming “alien” on his home-grown soil and hold his kids and parents in his arms, before it is too late.

Heart and intellect have not always complemented him in his strongest decisions, but he’s always been true to himself and his kids, which ended him up where he is right now.

He’s a real fighter and earns the opportunity to express himself through literacy and taking anyone in his roller coaster journey.

Join his unbelievable journey through his book - a mind-boggling but heart-felt reality!

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