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Culture of Intimacy

Tango and autism turn out to be a well paired couple
far beyond anything I had ever experienced in the States and totally free…myself completely. So many elements of the experience transcended the issue of physical intimacy t http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/culture-intimacy

Hardwired To Conspire

Oftentimes fear is the driving force when it comes to what we choose to believe…
we carry around in our cerebral database of experiences. The difference is when we see a rabbit…perceived pattern against a pattern we have experienced and stored away http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/hardwired-conspire

Innocence & Experience

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. How the blind joy of innocence and the lingering pain of experience are inextricably bound to one another…
of experienceid all but the most common and acceptable of experiences. Nature and nurture both compel us to run t…d joy of innocence and the lingering pain of experience are inextricably bound to one another. So un http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/innocence-experience

​ Karma Schmarma

You are now free of all karma. How's it feel?
eturn. One of the more remarkable things I experience when I have an OOBE is that all the desires… this is my experience. If your true nature is that of a an evil d http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/karma-schmarma

My New Neuro Toy

Hack your brain for fun and profit with tDCS. This post also references reports on the positive effects tDSC is having with autistics. Warning: If you plan on doing this yourself, RTFM (read the freaking manual! Links provided)
t. This was the same experience the reporter had when she went from being a http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/my-new-neuro-toy

The Other 'Intelligent Design'

Redefining the meaning of 'Intelligent' in 'Intelligent Design'
and yet we brush off the experiences of mycophillic culture who have been using http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/other-intelligent-design

Perspective Needed

Why we are looking at autism the wrong way
I used to have very intense experiences where all my senses would merge together an… and perfect. This experience also led to what is called Out Of Body Exper http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/perspective-needed


We are living our past lives right now
nswered a number of questions about some odd experiences I had earlier in my life. There were two ex…ss that arose during that time. The second experience I had http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/reincarnation

Spectrum Fusion

When the overloading of all the senses, an experience common in Spectrum children, becomes an amazing, beautiful, mind-blowing vision.
I experienced all things merge together… I had no idea how precious this experience was. It was a perfectly normal experience fo… and an experience I assumed all people had. Of course http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/spectum-fusion

Temptation vs Salvation

The only proof we need to present is to ourselves, even if it's the last thing we do.
n the small room in the basement. This whole experience took maybe thirty minutes. I thought about w… so this whole experience had me confused. The more I thought about http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/temptation-vs-salvation