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The Ant God

During an entheogenic ritual, the Ant God paid me a visit. It was quite frightening, but in the end 'He' granted me my wish - because it was for the benefit of all life.
and to help me further my experience would be to the benefit of all life. I then http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/the-ant-god

The Upside of Failure

A fate worse than death can be the destiny of a lifetime
here There are some experiences worse than death ... and they are easy to… an experience that was so difficult http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/upside-of-failure

Vacation to Hell

Surprisingly, it did not smell like sulphur
tral plane. In a number of my out of body experiences … because in one experience I was shown the answer… feeling but was glad I had the experience. I then moved on to another area. It was http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/vacation-hell

Victoria - Beautebook Startup Founder

"... endowed with great storytelling skills"
Duncan manages to wrap you in his own experiences http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/victoria-beautebook-startup-funder

Who Are You?

You might be me
eplace new. When I began having out of body experiences … but as none of these experiences seemed threatening or dangerous…some brain twisting consequences because his experience of time was http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/who-are-you