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The Blind men and the Elephant

Everyone's right, sorta
or have any interest in…d that to help rebuild humanity he built many clay figures and brought them to life. As…every day. One hexagram is composed of any two of these trigrams. The bottom trigram http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/blind-men-and-elephant

Culture of Intimacy

Tango and autism turn out to be a well paired couple
far beyond anything I had ever experienced in the States an…eing fondled. Then I met a woman. Not just any woman … to deal with it. In any case I learned at an early age I shouldn http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/culture-intimacy

Early Efforts

Earlier attempts at storytelling in video form (not exactly Joe Frank or Spalding Grey)
first 'episode' of what was planned to be many. This video is blocked in some countries …Germany http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/early-efforts

An Expensive Reminder

Sometimes you have to pay for a good education
and I no longer had any valid form ID… it was impossible for me to engage in any form of financial exchange other than cash… receive money I was owed from my clients in NYC I had to have them write a check to my now http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/expensive-reminder

Finding the Holy Grail

The true Holy Grail is not a 'thing', it is all 'things'.
project. Not to sound Newtonian or anything… it is to create its meaning. There are many many alternative views of reality other than big …t our naivete. There does not have to be any conflict between these two paradigms because http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/finding-holy-grail

Hardwired To Conspire

Oftentimes fear is the driving force when it comes to what we choose to believe…
conspiracies any more than we can stop recognizing rhythms i http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/hardwired-conspire

Innocence & Experience

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. How the blind joy of innocence and the lingering pain of experience are inextricably bound to one another…
after many months of socks and shoes… choosing to not go down any road is a road in itself. Still… many years ago I woke up in my bed… or all three. In any case http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/innocence-experience

​ Karma Schmarma

You are now free of all karma. How's it feel?
or any belief system that purports to pass judgemen…t on anything… for any reason. Honestly I am not a big fan of karm… which includes many things we have no awareness of while living http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/karma-schmarma

Kim Kooren, Director, CF lifestyle

"a mind-boggling but heart-felt reality"
express himself through literacy and taking anyone in his roller coaster journey. Join his http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/kim-kooren-director-cf-lifestyle

My New Neuro Toy

Hack your brain for fun and profit with tDCS. This post also references reports on the positive effects tDSC is having with autistics. Warning: If you plan on doing this yourself, RTFM (read the freaking manual! Links provided)
anything because I felt totally normal when gett http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/my-new-neuro-toy