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Terrorists and Tango

All terrorists are not created equal... nor are women. (Opening chapter of "Legally Blind")
Hello. http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/terrorists-and-tango

Perspective Needed

Why we are looking at autism the wrong way
yet I was trying like hell to live and act like them. This can never tu http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/perspective-needed

Culture of Intimacy

Tango and autism turn out to be a well paired couple
hello http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/culture-intimacy

The Upside of Failure

A fate worse than death can be the destiny of a lifetime
o. This time it was a tortuous ride through hell. I knew there would be a price to pay http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/upside-of-failure

Vacation to Hell

Surprisingly, it did not smell like sulphur
ation. I am literally talking about visiting hell the actual hell but in fact hell anywhere. Maybe hell really existed. Maybe the fire and brimstone…r more terrifying concept to grasp than even hell itself. Nevertheless http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/vacation-hell

Temptation vs Salvation

The only proof we need to present is to ourselves, even if it's the last thing we do.
see related post Vacation in Hell http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/temptation-vs-salvation

Who Are You?

You might be me
r some time. It was like I was experiencing shell shock without experience the shells. The i http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/who-are-you

Finding the Holy Grail

The true Holy Grail is not a 'thing', it is all 'things'.
which states in a nutshell http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/finding-holy-grail

‚Äč Karma Schmarma

You are now free of all karma. How's it feel?
hell... these are all creations from the same min http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/karma-schmarma


We are living our past lives right now
heaven and hell http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/reincarnation