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The Blind men and the Elephant

Everyone's right, sorta
A beautiful Mindmeaning is quickly lost. With all this in mind I would like to share a piece of modern hist http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/blind-men-and-elephant

An Expensive Reminder

Sometimes you have to pay for a good education
hat I had faith IN that betrayed me. I was reminded at the moment of that http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/expensive-reminder

Finding the Holy Grail

The true Holy Grail is not a 'thing', it is all 'things'.
This must be blowing the minds of the …mind reading http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/finding-holy-grail

Hardwired To Conspire

Oftentimes fear is the driving force when it comes to what we choose to believe…
elevant whether we believe that the CIA runs mind control programs …sciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mindt then something happened to the brain. The mind http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/hardwired-conspire

Innocence & Experience

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. How the blind joy of innocence and the lingering pain of experience are inextricably bound to one another…
me to enjoy this masochistic ritual. I am reminded of Greek mythology…I did not know where I was. As I searched my mind for clues http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/innocence-experience

​ Karma Schmarma

You are now free of all karma. How's it feel?
oing to have to pay for my crimes at least remind me what they were. I am asked to accept tha… and what I would refer to as high minded…e with what I am saying here. With this in mind http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/karma-schmarma

The Other 'Intelligent Design'

Redefining the meaning of 'Intelligent' in 'Intelligent Design'
ce then. Today we find some of the greatest minds of modern science on board with the idea. …utated messages. Given that these leading minds of science support the idea that http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/other-intelligent-design

Perspective Needed

Why we are looking at autism the wrong way
ss their ideas. How many more brilliant minds would we have to learn from if only there w… from their imprisoning minds …I would go a step further and say that their mind is a product of their culture http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/perspective-needed


We are living our past lives right now
drawing or finding the pictures I had in my mind to support my descriptions. I remember exper http://legallyblindthebook.com/blog/reincarnation